Support For This Podcast

May 25 2020 33 22 mins

Support For This Podcast is the extremely popular interview show all of your on-trend friends are already listening to. With interviews led by an incredibly gifted and humble NPR-style journalist, Emily Amy Lauren Becca, SFTP features the brightest minds of today while they wrestle with the crucial issues of tomorrow and yesterday. It’s also an improvised satirical podcast. (“Improv”, for those unfamiliar, is a writing technique that is short for, “a great way to take credit for other people’s creativity".) From the demented, yet loving minds of Jessica Fontana (@iamjessfontana) and Ryan Langer (@mourningsongs) and starring some of your favorite actors from Broadway and beyond, comes Support For This Podcast: a podcast for people whose love language is insightful mocking that comes from the heart.

Season 2 Episode #11 - Spencer Temple Returns
May 25 2020 • 25 min
Famed creator of the hashtag “latergram” and fan favorite from Season 1 of Support For This Podcast, Spencer Temple (Greg Hildreth, @greghildreth) catches up with Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) sharing his newfound passion for political needlepoint, and why he’s in no rush for his next hashtag inspiration.

Season 2 Episode #10 -Robert Wexler Can Hear You Now
May 11 2020 • 19 min
Renowned commercial agent Robert Wexler (Christopher Sieber, @therealsieber) speaks to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about the most infamous cellphone ad deal in history- when his client, the “Can you hear me now?” guy from Verizon, switched to Sprint.

Season 2 Episode #9 -Being Basic Is Complicated
Apr 27 2020 • 20 min
Ohio native and Maroon 5 enthusiast Stephanie Burton (Meghan O’Neill, @peglegginmeghan) speaks to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about the life-changing afternoon she found out that she was basic.

Season 2 Episode #8 - The Pick-Up Artist
Apr 13 2020 • 21 min
New York City resident and flop-foot sufferer Conrad Malone (Steve Rosen @stevierosen) speaks to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about his unique distinction as the only person in New York City who specifically orders his food for pick-up, and never, ever, for delivery.

Season 2 Episode #7 - Coming and Going with Mona Schultz-Loesser
Mar 31 2020 • 21 min
Entrepreneur and creator of the Inflatuation Panty Line, Mona Schultz-Loesser (Sarah Sommers) speaks to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about her current conundrum. After leaving social media, Mona has good news to share. What on Earth does she do?

Season 2 Episode #6 - Traisin’ Hell With Seth Dennis
Mar 16 2020 • 20 min
Creator and head of AFNO (Artistic Food Names Only) Seth Dennis (Santino Fontana, @santinofontana) speaks to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about his lifelong passion for artistry in food names, and why he believes the sundried-tomato is really a traisin in disguise.

Season 2 Episode #5 -Shipping is Always Free when Handling Martina Andrews
Mar 02 2020 • 23 min
In a special on-location episode, Martina Andrews, a 71-year-old mother and shopping-in-person enthusiast (Tony/Emmy winner, comedy icon Andrea Martin) gets some help from Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) with her first-ever online purchase.

Season 2 Episode #4 - The Airtight Logic of Work Hard, Play Hard
Feb 17 2020 • 22 min
Tripp Crickett, the great nephew of the man who created the phrase "work hard, play hard" (Dave Hull, @davidhulldavidhull) speaks to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about his relationship to the ubiquitous phrase.

Season 2 Episode #3 - Quinn Katchum Cares About Your Dreams (Kind Of)
Feb 03 2020 • 22 min
Founder and CEO of Kaptive Audience, Quinn Katchum (Phillip Taratula, @ptaratula) speaks to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about his company, Kaptive Audience: a boutique service where people can talk about their dreams from the night before with someone who’s paid to care.

Season 2 Episode #2 - All's Fair in Facebook Birthday Love and War
Jan 20 2020 • 25 min
Iowa native Garrett Gardens (Joe Kinosian, @JoeAndKellen) speaks to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about what happens when you forget to thank everyone on Facebook for all of the birthday love.

Season 2 Episode #1 - Not a Happy Glamper
Jan 06 2020 • 24 min
Kappa Kappa Gamma sister Mackenzie Phillips (Ana Noguiera, @ananogi) speaks to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about a disastrous camping trip gone wrong, her fight to bring transparency to the glamping community, and the dark side of dew.

Season 1 Episode #6 - Let Ignorance Set You Free
Sep 16 2017 • 26 min
Consultant and teacher Frank Hertz (Stanton Nash) speaks to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana @iamjessfontana) about his 10-week workshop, "Faking It Forever: A Fast Track Guide to Speaking With Authority on Subjects You Know Nothing About", his unique style of meditation, and how he became the leading (and only) acupuncturist in Central California.

Season 1 Episode #5 - Forget FOMO, IT'S FOBI TIME
Sep 03 2017 • 23 min
Proud non-advocate for non-togetherness Jane Docent (Ann Harada, @annharada) speaks to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about what it means to have FOBI- the Fear Of Being Included., [email protected], Instagram/Twittter: @spptforthispod

Season 1 Episode #4 - Lonni Lindsay Will See You Now
Aug 18 2017 • 23 min
Owner/Founder/CEO of Women Take Back The Night, Lonni Lindsay(Sas Goldberg, @sasgoldie), speaks to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about turning her passion for stalking unrequited love-interests into a highly profitable and rewarding career as the head of a robust private investigative agency., [email protected], Instagram/Twittter: @spptforthispod

Season 1 Episode #3 - Chris Ross Can’t Quit Kickstarter
Aug 05 2017 • 23 min
Corporate lackey Chris Ross (Noah Robbins, @noahrobbinsman) opens up to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about the life changing ramifications of a missing Kickstarter thank-you gift., [email protected], Instagram/Twittter: @spptforthispod

Season 1 Episode #2 - Jon Hamm's Omelette
Jul 20 2017 • 20 min
Former amateur thespian and current gynecologist Dr. Miriam LaCroix (Jill Abramovitz, @jillinharlem) speaks with Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about an auspicious cross-town bus ride she shared with award-winning actor Jon Hamm., [email protected], Instagram/Twittter: @spptforthispod

Season 1 Episode #1 - Sooner or Latté You’ll Know Who Spencer Temple Is
Jul 08 2017 • 23 min
Groundbreaking social-media influencer Spencer Temple (Greg Hildreth, @greg_hildreth) speaks to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana, @iamjessfontana) about divining a hashtag sensation, Mexican sandwiches, and how an important phone-call about brunch changed the world forever., [email protected], Instagram/Twittter: @spptforthispod

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