F Monday's Podcast

May 26 2020 90 mins

Fuck Monday's Podcast podcast is about embracing Mondays, loving Monday's no longer hating the concept of Monday's and having​ good conversations and good laughs.

Episode 44- Black's that speak Spanish
May 26 2020 • 89 min
Kiara and Judah discuss Doja Cat (Self-hate, Black community), & Joe Biden interview Charlamagne Da God (Black vote).

Episode 43 PART 2- ZOOM PARTY
May 20 2020 • 78 min
Due to technical difficulties, this is a throw-away episode. Kiara and Judah discuss quarantine and people going outside. The microphone cuts off, and you cannot hear Judah for this portion, Kiara talks about her week and her schoolwork, and discuss her for zoom party, as well as doing "The Need To Know Podcast" Live with Steph, Alex, and Savon. Kiara and Judah discuss Boosie and parenting, Tekashi 69 donation, Trans aesthetic, Gillie The King vs Devin Wade, and we discuss a battle for an episode.

Episode 43- Oral Situation
May 19 2020 • 64 min
Due to Kiara's dumb ass wire and or computer, we had to record three times! We decided to record an entirely new episode, but throughout the week, we will let out parts to the other podcast that was destroyed and ruined by technical difficulties. We discuss men and their ego, body counts, and many other topics. We have Zoom Party/ IG Live, A Gillie Da King, and Boosie part as well dropping throughout the week. Have a good week, and sorry for the issues.

Episode 42- Snitch
May 11 2020 • 82 min
We are back! Kiara and Judah discuss their weeks, mothers. day. They discuss the topic on Ahmaud Aubrey and Sean Reed's death, and Tekashi 69.

Episode 41- Feng Shui
May 04 2020 • 93 min
Kiara and Judah recap their week. They discuss a Covid Topics: Woman forced to live with Covid Corpse, Business of Color left out of relief package, People Outside Outside, Black Vote, and Joe Biden Democratic Party.They revisit Dusse Palooza, Rape Culture, Lack of diversity, Accountability in the Community.Taco Tuesday, Karen's acting up, and Professor fired for porn.

Episode 40- Piece of P
Apr 28 2020 • 103 min
Kiara and Judah are back to talk Dusse Palooza Chris Stylez, Have you ever been in a situation where someone pushed themselves on you?, What is something quarantine helped you realize about yourself? Positive and negative, Insecure (Friendship), & Have you ever felt like you built someone and someone reaps the benefits.

Episode 39 - Iron Man
Apr 21 2020 • 55 min
We back talking to Kiara & Judah. They discuss Anti Quarantine Protest, Quarantine for a week every year, Shaving your spouse ass, Landlords Sex for rent barter, Only fans is it for Kiara and Judah, &Teddy Riley vs BabyFace vs Twitter.

Episode 38- P is Trash, Go Other A**
Apr 13 2020 • 96 min
Kiara and Judah come back to talk about Corna and Quarantine lifestyle. We discuss Suicide because of Pandemic, Police attacking people for not wearing a mask Or arresting children for selling candy, Black people treatment in China, NBA Young Boy & Yaya Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather parenting, Should parents be friends with their children?, Large gathering canceled till fall 2021, Men obsessed with women who do not want them?

Episode 37- Sex Edition: Scoop
Apr 07 2020 • 114 min
Monogamy vs. Polyamory, Sex communication, Sex toy, Cervix Bang, IUD/Mirena Sex, Filming, Anual, Pegging, Ass Eating, Only Fans, and Nude pics.

Episode 36- Club Quarantine
Mar 30 2020 • 94 min
Kiara and Judah talk about COVID 19 and the effects Unemployment , Mental health, Nurse quit bc pre-existing conditions, Doctor fired for complaining about the lack of equipment, Boy dead with his mom, Shrimp vendor patient zero, Divorces, 1,200, Porn hub free, Condom shortage, U.S. lead, IG live DJ performances fun party, & Andrew Gillium.

Episode 35- Vibrator and Chill
Mar 23 2020 • 75 min
On Week 2 of quarantine Kiara and Judah discuss The Roni, Bernie Sanders vs Joe Biden debate, Jail/Prison release, Senator insider trading, differences between Gervonta/Young Berg, and Boys missing in the Hudson.

Episode 34- The Roni
Mar 16 2020 • 86 min
We back baby! Kiara and Judah discuss the Corona Virus, how it affects us and those around us, how the Trump administration is handling the Roni, Bill Gates, Orgy party counties despite the virus, and how the Trump administration is handling the pandemic, Meg Thee Stallion sales?, and Da baby hitting a woman?

Episode 33- Disrespecting P
Mar 09 2020 • 93 min
We back baby! Kiara and Judah discuss their week and talk about business and applying for jobs. We go back to Kiara's squirting story, Megtheestallion vs Carl J.Prince and 1501, Norbes vs Twork, Spike Lee and the Knicks, & Democratic Party and Joe Biden vs Bernie Sanders.

Episode 32- Sexual Transaction
Mar 02 2020 • 76 min
Kiara and Judah recap our week and discuss Networking, CoronaVirus, Lynching Federal crime, Harvey Weinstein, Boss takes a pay decrease to pay employees 70k, Police Sharing crash site photos, and Mikaela Spielberg doing porn.

Episode 31- Medicare 4 All D
Feb 24 2020 • 131 min
We back after missing last week due to crazy schedules. We discuss Unlocking your hustle, Pop Smoke, Life Insurance and Will, Dwarf boy, Porn Filmed in a Libary, Man kidnaps a woman to watch Roots, Fight night and the lick of blood, D.Wade and Boosie, Ava DuVernay, The View, and Democratic Debates/Party.

Episode 30 - Record Over -__-
Feb 10 2020 • 96 min
We had a dope 30-minute conversation before it cut off and deleted, and we had to rerecord =(. So we started over and left out all the funny parts. So we talk about interview question tell me about yourself and how to accurately answer the question, Gayle interview Lisa Leslie, Domestic Violence against men, Trump not being found guilty, and the Iowa cactus /Democratic Party.

Episode 29- $Tax Season$
Feb 03 2020 • 109 min
Kiara and Judah speak about death with the passing the Legend Kobe, Grammys/Tyler, DIDDY vs MASE, Kelis vs Pharrell, CoronaVirus, Taxes & how to file, and Work Wives/Husbands.

Episode 28- Feel The Burn
Jan 27 2020 • 89 min
Due to our hectic schedules, we missed last week's podcast. However, we are back and hitting all major topics. We recap our last two weeks and discuss Aaron Hernandez, Antonio Brown, Jay Z & Yo Gotti sues Mississippi prison system, Gabriel Union & Terry Crew, Megan Markle, & Bernie vs Warren and Clinton. We recorded Saturday, so we did not discuss Kobe Bryant and his daughter passing along with 7 other victims. Rest in Paradise to these angles and prayers to everyone and their family.

Episode 27- New Year, Honest P
Jan 13 2020 • 106 min
We Back Bitches! After a week hiatus, Kiara and Judah return with no organization or topics to be had but a long conversation where we discuss goals for 2020, platinum hoes, orgies, getting tested, sex drive, and so much more. It a long episode because we missed you! Have a good Monday and week and I promise we will see you next Monday!

Episode 26- Bernie's Ho
Dec 23 2019 • 99 min
Kiara and Judah discuss their weeks and Kiara eventful weekend in the freezing cold. We discuss Asap Rocky sex tape and Da Baby nudes, Double standards in society against men, Crystal Kizer, Karol Sanchez, Age ain’t nothing but a number?, Tekashi 69, Impeachment, and Democratic Debates.

Episode 25-Not Everybody Can Cum
Dec 16 2019 • 87 min
Kiara and Judah discuss Lizzo, Nick Cannon vs Em, Joyner Lucas, Juice World, Jay-Z, Miss Universe, & 69.

Episode 24- Bernie Insert You
Dec 10 2019 • 69 min
Kiara and Judah get in their motivational bags, trying to speak words of wisdom to give to listeners. We talk about Miami drive-by caused by police leaving civilian UPS driver dead, Juice world, Brother nature, Art Basel Banana, Christmas Gift from North Korea, Democratic Party / Bernie Sanders / Pete Buttigieg/ Kamala.

Episode 23- Tickle My P
Dec 02 2019 • 71 min
Welcome back! Kiara and Judah discuss the last two weeks of their lives. We touch on: Thanksgiving, Male birth control, Celebrities vs Fan, ICE fake university, Sex trafficking, Catcalls, Destroy dick December/Sex, & Favorite moment of the decade.

Episode 22- Affirmation for Success
Nov 18 2019 • 87 min
Kiara and Judah discuss their weeks, going back to their roots and giving advice for those who no longer want to hate Monday's and want to achieve their goals, how to be successful and entrepreneurs​. They also hit on current events by discussing Women Safety & being Kidnapped,​ Colin Kaepernick, Sensitive Culture, Execution of Ray Jefferson, Rodney Reed career​

Episode 21- Popeyes Hymen
Nov 11 2019 • 77 min
Judah and Kiara are back after a missing an episode last week. They recap their last two weeks and discuss Kevin Spacey, MTA protest and police brutality, Twitter bans political advertisements, Instagram deletes likes, Kevin McGrawll, T.I. Vs Hymen,​ and Popeyes back​​​.

Episode 20- Plastic Surgery
Oct 28 2019 • 75 min
Kiara and Judah talk about their boring-ass​ weeks of baby showers, a ​dating app with a ​jailbird​. They also discuss these current events Charlamange tha God, Angela Yee & Gucci Mane, Does sucking dick make u gay?, Pilot streams aeroplane​e bathroom footage, Truck driver in UK had 39 Asian bodies, IG Filters/Surgery, Amazon facial​ recognition, and Kanye West​

Episode 19- Baby D
Oct 21 2019 • 89 min
Kiara and Judah discuss Pastors, Netflix crackdown, Black man stop a ​mass shooter with a hug, White privilege, Child support, Gina Rodriguez,​ The Game, Cuba Gooding jr., and Kevin​ Gates & Health.

Episode 18 - "P Generation"
Oct 14 2019 • 90 min
Kiara and Judah recap their week, talk about Co-Parenting and minding your business!, talk about Amber Guyger (cop), Botha Jean (victim), Joshua Brown(witness), and Atatiana Jefferson( another victim), Rihanna turns down Superbowl, Jay-Z NFL Deal, Pussy Generation, and Afro- Latinos.

Episode 17: Sex Talk Edition Uncircumcised
Oct 07 2019 • 118 min
Episode 17 is all about sex! Friday Kiara & Judah went to see "The Joker" ...Kiara and Judah decided to skip the debates and current events, and still said "f**k your job" while they at it. Please listen alone, away from religious ears, or with headphones, exp​licit content is on the way! Topics: slut-shaming​, head, trans, sexual experiences, liberation, age, safe sex, and uncircumcised d**ks. Do not take offences it is honest dialogue​, take that bitch shit somewhere else!

Episode 16- Metal Dildo
Sep 30 2019 • 64 min
We discuss Kiara's going to Rose Mansion and Judah fatherhood​ experiences. On the podcast, we discuss Podcast Information, SpiderMan, Eddie Murphy, Black Girl attacked because of her dreads, Trump Impeachment, Greta Thunberg, Bronx man suicide, Sex episode, late quote of the week.

Episode 15- Strippers
Sep 23 2019 • 67 min
The Fuck Monday's Podcast Queen is Back! We Recap her ass shot story and her long vacation. We discus Tekashi, Antonio Brown, Kanye West, Sandy Hook Ad, H&M AD, Area, Area 51 Festival, Missing Teen, & White Privilege.

Episode 14: Habitual Line Steppers
Sep 16 2019 • 89 min
"The Queen" of F**k Monday's is out again, so host Judah Mo$cato brings back Jhalil to talk about new allegations of sexual misconduct on Brett Kavanaugh, as well as Antonio Brown, Killer Mike's viral REVOLT clip, Battle Rap fights, Dos and Dont's, and where is the line drawn, and more.

Episode 13: Kiara's Illegal Butt Shots
Sep 09 2019 • 111 min
The lady of the house is in a dank basement surrounded by needles and strange chemicals, While she is gone Judah Mo$cato is tasked to host the show with special guest Jhalil Williams(A Former Monument of Freedom co-worker of ours). We Delve more into the Jay-Z/NFL Deal, Papa john donating to HBCU'S, more Popeyes sandwich talk, Top Five fast food sauces, New Bad Boy Trailer, Police Brutality, Being a Black Man, Supporting Black Women, And More

Episode 12: Click Bait
Sep 03 2019 • 147 min
Mass shootings, Amazon, Recycling, Maurice Willoughby, Transgender in Sports, Vestictimy / Parenting, Michael Jackson Lawyer, Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, Hong Kong, Taco Tuesday / Lebron James, Click-bait white man punches black girl, Debra Stevens mocked by operator and drowned, Straight Pride Parade, Popeyes, Rapsody album, and Jay- Z.

Episode 11 Part 2: Jay-Z's NFL Deal
Aug 21 2019 • 125 min
We discuss Jay- Z, NFL, and Colin Kaepernick

Episode 11: F'in Your Co-Worker
Aug 19 2019 • 84 min
We Recap our week, we discuss...Ohio school district, 1st graders get access to guns, Shell Union forced to be apart of Trump rally, TSA Agent fired for giving a flyer a note ”you ugly”, Jeffery Epstein​ autopsy, Omar and Talib banned from Israel,​ Dave Chappel coming back, Nicki Minaj, Dj Envy dumb question, NYPD stealing DNA from random citizens, Mulan Boycott, and we do our Fucking Co-Workers Segment.

Episode 10: Beetle Juice
Aug 12 2019 • 93 min
Episode 10: Week Recap the week, Quote of the week (10:15), Hip Hop’s Birthday! (14:37), Rick Ross album...taking off Pusha Verse (22:32), Hot Girl Summer Song (35:40), Young Ma song BIG video (45:25), Young Miami (48:12), Miley Cyrus(55:23), Epstein Suicide and Conspiracy Theories (57:10), I.C.E Detention Center (74:50).Quote: "If you dislike someones, dislike them alone. Don't recruit others to join your cause." - Toby Mckeehan

Episode 9: Cucumber
Aug 06 2019 • 105 min
Kiara and Judah recap the week, ​including Kiara's negligence to the podcast. We discuss Mass Shootings (13:00), Celebs and Politis (30:44), Democratic Debate (36:30), ASAP released (54:03), Equifax (61:35), Music: Chance, YBN Cordae, Spike Tee, & Drake (63:46), Sensitivity & Canceled Culture (87:50), & Cucumber (95:45).Quote of the week: "Put the weed in the bag."

Episode 8: Part II- Music w| Lexii Dee
Jul 29 2019 • 54 min
Episode 8, Part II we have special guest Lexiii Dee talking all things music and about her amazing work ethic. We discuss Kodak freestyle and threats to Young Miami (5:20), Nicki Minaj and Meg Thee Stallions Instagram Live (12:34), Dreamville and the fan base (36:54), & Meek Mills growth (47:02).Follow Lexii Dee on Twitter, Instagram, and subscribe to her Youtube page! @LexiiiDee

Episode 8: Hot Girl VS City Boy
Jul 29 2019 • 90 min
Episode 8: Kiara and Judah reunited for a fun-filled discussion. Recap the week: Judah gives a bad quote(2:33), Recap the week: Judah Entrepreneur photographer and videographer (3:25), Promote The Lit Bar and book by Unwritten by Reina Rose on Amazon (11:40), Offical Quote (15:15), Bronx Father Leaves Baby in the Car (16:19), Second Quote (26:01), Kamala harris & Bernie Sanders (28:22), Mental Health and Clout (33:00), Wutang Show on Hulu (44:15), F.B.I. Found Frankstein (47:50), Monique VS. The Industry (50:40), How to start a business? (72:20), "Naked Monday's Podcast" (77:05), & Do men cheat because their woman gains weight? (79:27).Quote 1: "You can lose money chasing woman, but you can never lose​ woman chasing money."Quote 2: "You're hustling for a job, that if you die at the job, they'll clock you out."

Episode7: "Promo Code: Phuck Ho"
Jul 23 2019 • 95 min
Episode 7: We have a special guest (01:34), Recap topic on Female Rapper and our week (9:12), We talk ASAP Rocky and Trump and the Black Community and Eric Garner(32:20), Black Chyna and Tokyo Toni and Toxic Parents (51:06), April Jones Hoe Summer (1:32), Remy Ma Old town Road Remix (1:11), & Music: Tyga, Beyonce album The Gift, Nicki Minaj, Iggy,Young MA and Ed Sheeran (1:16). Quote: "You know what's better than announcing​​ something on social media? doing it."

Episode 6: Part II - Female Rap
Jul 15 2019 • 83 min
Episode 6: Part II -Female Rap| Kiara and Judah get into a heated debate about the state of Female Rappers.

Episode 6: Free Flacko
Jul 15 2019 • 29 min
Episode 6: Due to technical difficulties the last episode was not posted, and 40 min recap was lost for this episode. Sorry for the bull shit. Kiara and Judah speak about: R. Kelly and Billionaire and Sex Traffickers (2:46), Chase got the Coke (6:20), Lion King Date with Kiara (12:35), Area 51 (14:05), Concentration Camp (16:52), and ASAP Rocky (19:51).​

Episode 5: F Yo Job
Jul 01 2019 • 72 min
Episode 5: Kiara & Judah catch up on the week(1:00), "Fuck Yo Job!" (9:10), Kiara's Feet (30:56), Quit Yo Job with a condolence Card (35:15), Marijuana legal in Illinois (36:57), McDonalds Employee and White Women (39:00), Trump shit head president...Joe Dirty Biden, Bernie wiping student debt...Kamala Harris...Voting for People because of Policies....& Obama (41:10), Job topics...working with men or women...Kiara's work defenses (56:11)...Enjoy your week and remember " All Progress takes place outside your comfort zone."- Unknown

Episode 4: NICKI TRON
Jun 24 2019 • 101 min
Episode 4: We revisit the topic of Prostitution (3:14), Trapped in the Elevator (5:30), Motivational Speech (12:26), Reparations (21:26), Marijuana Pepsi (40:10), XXL Freshman Cover 2019 (41:25), Megatron & Nicki Minaj (55:05), Father Supporting their Sons (88:00). Enjoy your week and thank you for the support stay positive even in trying times.

Episode 3: Mental Health
Jun 17 2019 • 73 min
This week we discuss mental health, suicide, Drake, Raptors vs Warriors, prostitution, Sudan, police brutality, gangs, and Happy Father's Day.

Episode 2: Tyrone Biggums
Jun 10 2019 • 132 min
This week we talk about jobs and different ways to handle situations. We go back to the topic of "When They See Us", David Ortiz being shot and Vacationing in D.R., Dominican racism against Haitians, D.J.Khaled being a THEY, Jay-Z, Bey Hive, and Brown/Black Unity.

Episode 1: The Logo
Jun 03 2019 • 101 min
Talk about: Summer Jam, When They See Us, Midgets, How We Met, Coke, Work, Happiness, Revolutionaries...Etc. The first​ episode is an introduction to the podcast host Kiara Lopez and co-host Judah Moscato. Bare with us as we learn and grow. The point is to not hate Mondays bring laughter motivation and positivity into peoples lives. Thank you for being patient and all your support. #FuckMondaysPodcast #FMondaysPodcast #FMondaysPod

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