Bedtime Stories with R.A. Spratt

May 26 2020 2 13 mins

This is a weekly podcast of funny stories for kids. There are side-splitting versions of my own fractured fairy tales. Also short stories from some of my best-selling books, featuring characters from 'The Adventures of Nanny Piggins' and 'Friday Barnes, Girl Detective'. The stories are perfect for bedtime, long car rides or even if you're just stuck waiting a really long time at the doctor's office. They're written for 7-11 year olds but these are tales the whole family can enjoy. The silliness is ageless. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoy recording it. After years of being a children's author, typing away in my office with only my goldfish for company, I was bursting to tell my stories out-loud and with lots of silly voices! So please - sit back, get comfy and enjoy some amazing, some silly and some just plain ludicous tales direct from my imagination to you.

'Hansel and Gretel' told by Nanny Piggins
May 26 2020 • 21 min
When detained by the police for starting a riot at the local supermarket, Nanny Piggins tells the children a story about two distant cousins of hers called Hansel and Gretel.

Friday Barnes and The Case of the Missing Dollar Coin
May 19 2020 • 12 min
When the Vice Principal sets a trap to catch a thief, Friday proves why setting traps is a terrible idea.

A Tall Tale About the Moon... and Cows
May 12 2020 • 7 min
While out walking the dog one night, Tammy's Mum tells the most outrageous story about the origin of the moon and the cows responsible.

'Little Red Riding Pig' told by Nanny Piggins
May 05 2020 • 12 min
After accidentally eating a large amount of coffee cake, the children need a good bedtime story. So Nanny Piggins tells them the tale of one of her distant yet fabulously glamorous relatives, Little Red Riding Pig.

Friday Barnes and The Case Where Binky Cheated
Apr 28 2020 • 14 min
When Binky gets accused of cheating in a physics exam, he has no idea what happened, so he rushes to Friday Barnes to solve the mystery before he is suspended by the Headmaster.

'Rapunzel Bacon Hair' told by Nanny Piggins
Apr 21 2020 • 15 min
Nanny Piggins tells the tale of 'Rapunzel Bacon Hair'.

Friday Barnes and The Case of the Smashed Statue
Apr 14 2020 • 11 min
When Friday gets a D for art because her statue exploded in the kiln she suspects foul play. It's especially suspcious because her nemesis, Ian Wainscott's statue was destroyed too. She is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery no matter how...

Nanny Piggins and the Ghosts of Easter
Apr 07 2020 • 25 min
Nanny Piggins is visted by the ghosts of Easter past, present and future as they try to convince to behave better.

Nanny Piggins and the Problem Cat
Mar 31 2020 • 15 min
Nanny Piggins lends a helping trotter when local builders have a difficult cat to contend with. Her solution is imaginative and it only involves three life times supplies of marshmallows.

Friday Barnes and The Case of the Stolen Sandwich
Mar 24 2020 • 12 min
Friday Barnes is on the case. When the police can't figure out why the local billionaire has started shoplifting they call in the smartest girl detective in town.

The Dreadful Martian Encounter
Mar 17 2020 • 6 min
When Amy and James decide to try interplanetary travel for a school science project, things do not go as they planned.

Nanny Piggins and the story of 'Pigerella'
Mar 10 2020 • 13 min
Nanny Piggins tells Derrick, Samantha and Michael the story of her fabulously glamorous distand relative - Pigerella.

Yellowhead (alias Goldilocks)
Mar 03 2020 • 11 min
Grandmother tells Peter, Lucy and Luke a horrifying tale of house breaking, porridge eating and tax evasion.

Mr Wolf Pie (The Three Little Pigs)
Feb 03 2020 • 14 min
A tale of three very unusual little pigs

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