Get Stupid

May 27 2020 75 70 mins

Get Stupid is about laughing at everything. Comedian Dave Ross interviews musicians, comedians and more to find out what's eating them up, what bothers them, what messes with their head... and then they make it funny. Everything is funny if you let it be, and nothing is more fun than finding comedy in the darkness. Each week Dave and his friends get stupid about whatever's on their mind. They do stupid bits and play stupid games and just generally try be 100% stupid. All stupid things are good and all smart things are bad.

Renaming Ceremony (with Anthony Anzaldo, Lindsay Adams & Finn Straley)
May 27 2020 • 64 min
Anthony Anzaldo (of Ceremony, Cold Cave, Ex Youth and more) came on the show to rename his own band, with the help of Lindsay Adams, Finn Straley and Dave. Mostly they just made fun of Dave, and that's fine I GUESS.

Trump is a Radiohead (with James Austin Johnson)
May 19 2020 • 60 min
James Austin Johnson comes on the show to do a million characters. Donald Trump shows up, and Bobby Flay, and some random anti-vaxxer asshole. Also, Dave once again makes a techno remix of basically nothing for no good reason.

I Jump Horses (with Rhea Butcher)
May 12 2020 • 88 min
Dave invites his good friend Rhea Butcher into the studio (they did a zoom call) and they laugh and laugh. There's some discussion of horses, and some discussion of washing your legs. For the record: YOU HAVE TO WASH YOUR LEGS.

Full Sausage (with Chris Charpentier)
May 05 2020 • 58 min
Ol' Chris Charpentier joins Dave at Get Stupid HQ (Dave's room) for some real dumbass fuckaround time. Dave makes a radio sweeper out of Chris's name and they invent some new kernels of wisdom out of thin air. This is completely unrelated to the...

Hattie's Here (with Karen Kilgariff)
Apr 28 2020 • 104 min
Dave speaks with his friend Karen Kilgariff about how funny she is. Truly. He won't shut up about it. He bugs her to tell him what she thinks is the funniest she's ever been, and she does! Is it clear that Dave is writing this description

What's It Called (with Lindsay Adams & Sam Wiles)
Apr 21 2020 • 77 min
Dave, Lindsay and Sam rename Mt. Rushmore.

Dinner Sucks (with Chris Cresswell)
Apr 14 2020 • 109 min
Dave talks to his friend Chris Cresswell (of The Flatliners and Hot Water Music) about quarantine and living in terror and the fact that that's hilarious. Turns out Chris hates dinner. He says so on the episode. He keeps saying it. He won't stop...

Everything is Meaningless (with Jake Weisman)
Apr 07 2020 • 63 min
It's the pilot. Dave is way, way too excited. He won't shut up about the internet. He plays an apology from a listener. He interviews Jake Weisman! Before the interview, though, he makes a techno song about Jake Weisman. THEN he interviews Jake...

An Introduction to Stupid
Mar 21 2020 • 3 min
A three-minute teaser episode of the show. Dave is already pretty stupid about it.

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