VIFF Podcast

May 20 2020 43 mins

Bringing you exclusive in-depth conversations with industry-leading filmmakers, creators and cultural luminaries, recorded live at The Vancouver International Film Festival.~ About VIFF ~ Since 1982, the Vancouver International Film Festival has been a catalyst for communities to discover, discuss and share the creativity and craft of screen-based storytelling. VIFF expands the frame beyond screenings, offering audiences an in-depth series of talks, masterclasses, and live events at the Festival each Fall and as part of our year-round film program at the VIFF Centre. Head to to see what's currently screening and subscribe to VIFF news to be the first to know when the 2020 Festival program is announced.

May 20 2020 • 54 min
Hip-hop producer, director and leader of legendary group, The Wu-Tang Clan, RZA discusses the influence kung-fu classics had on his music, his master-apprentice relationship with Quentin Tarantino and what happened to the four-hour cut of The Man With The Iron Fists.

VIFF Talks: Dr. Jane Goodall
May 06 2020 • 27 min
Dr. Jane Goodall recounts her journey to becoming one of the world’s most prominent and active conservationists and reflects on seeing her life chronicled through archival footage in Brett Morgen's intimate biographical documentary, Jane.

VIFF Talks: Dan Goor
Apr 22 2020 • 84 min
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Co-Creator, Dan Goor talks about meeting co-creator and longtime collaborator Mike Schur, attending clown school over becoming a doctor and not shying away from tackling topical subject matter in comedy.

VIFF Talks: Michael Moore
Apr 08 2020 • 50 min
Oscar and Emmy-winning director, activist and political pundit Michael Moore shares his thoughts on Canada, Justin Trudeau and how the themes in his first documentary Roger & Me still resonate 30 years on.

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Mar 26 2020 • 1 min
The VIFF Podcast brings you exclusive in-depth conversations with industry-leading filmmakers, creators and cultural luminaries recorded live at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

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