RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS Podcast

May 29 2020 12 mins

Hosted by Radio + Television Business Report Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson

Episode No. 34: JD Crowley
May 29 2020 • 16 min
Sheltering at home led many radio consumers to use their smart speaker, or phone, to tune in to a radio station they'd normally listen to while in the car.Yet, as the nation begins its "reopening," Entercom Communications Chief Digital Officer JD Crowley finds that as listening on an actual radio returns, streaming levels are staying put.It's good news for radio broadcasting companies looking to get more out of their digital streaming platforms -- including ad dollars.Learn more in this concluding RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast, as the Radio + Television Business Report in June will begin offering podcasts on our core subjects: Washington, Wall Street and the world of broadcast technology!

Episode No. 33 - Robin Flynn
May 28 2020 • 13 min
The COVID-19 pandemic has converted the Kagan Media Summit to a dual-webinar event that begins June 18 and concludes June 25. In this RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast, S&P Global Market Intelligence Robin Flynn offers a sneak peak at each of the hour-long webinars. What are three key broadcast TV industry executives seeing with respect to Q2 ad revenue? How are retransmission consent fees driving dollars for over-the-air television? What are advertisers and TV station reps out in the field saying? These are just some of the questions Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson asks in this episode.

Episode No. 32: Brian Barber
May 27 2020 • 11 min
How has Davis Broadcasting sailed through the tough waters caused by the novel coronavirus? What is it doing to compete against a reinvigorated iHeartLatino in Atlanta? Find out in this fresh RBR+TVBR CORONAVIRUS INFOCUS Podcast featuring longtime radio executive Brian Barber, hosted by Radio + Television Business Report Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.

Episode No. 31: Gordon Smith
May 26 2020 • 13 min
The COVID-19 pandemic created a truly unprecedented situation for broadcast media. Impairment charges are being seen for some publicly traded companies. For mom and pop broadcasters, keeping the station on the air could be a day-to-day struggles. In this podcast, NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith shares what's happening in Washington to help local media.

Episode No. 30: Paul Rotella
May 22 2020 • 16 min
Paul Rotella, as always, is actively working hard to bring New Jersey's broadcasters an arsenal of support from Washington.The head of the New Jersey Broadcasters' Association has his ear on Capitol Hill, and is actively engaged with the FCC on key issues seen before the COVID-19 pandemic — and others that are bigger than ever due to the crisis.How is Rotella lobbying for more Federal dollars for struggling radio and TV stations in the Garden State? What about the proposed rise in FCC regulatory fees?Get the scoop in this latest RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast.

Episode No. 29: Nexstar/Lansing, Mich.
May 21 2020 • 12 min
For the past three years Marci Daniels has been in the Twin Tiers, overseeing Nexstar’s WETM-18 in Corning and Elmira. Now, she's leading Nexstar's WLNS-6 in Lansing while overseeing its Joint Operating Agreement for WLAJ-53 and The CW Network affiliate in this Michigan city. What are some of the biggest takeaways of leading the NBC affiliate through the ups and downs, including over the last eight weeks? We find out this and more in this fresh RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast, hosted by Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.

Episode No. 28: Michael Carr
May 20 2020 • 10 min
Michael Carr has seen a lot during his time at KFSN-30 in Fresno. He began as an intern and this week was appointed President/GM of the station. What insights can he share about the evolution of TV news during his tenure at the ABC-owned station, in particular in the last eight weeks? This former Fresno State Bulldog tells all in the latest podcast.

Episode No. 27: Mark Shecterle
May 19 2020 • 13 min
As a true believer in live and local radio, NRG Media's Omaha Market Manager believes his group of stations is poised to outperform as COVID-19 concerns start to fade. That said, an interesting sales story has emerged ... not to mention news that shower curtains are in place to protect on-air talent now back at work! Get the full scoop in this latest podcast.

Episode No. 26: iSpot.TV
May 18 2020 • 12 min
A ripple effect was seen with respect to year-over-year spending trends, and impressions, for restaurant advertisers. But, some interesting insights can be seen with respect to ad impressions. The SVP of Media Partnerships at iSpot.tv shares his company's latest research in this RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast hosted by Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.

Episode No. 25: Jim Coloff
May 15 2020 • 11 min
How has COVID-19 impacted second-generation Iowa family broadcaster Coloff Media's radio stations, which includes 2020 NAB Crystal Heritage Award winner KCVM-FM 93.5 "The Mix" in Waterloo, Iowa? We find out in this episode of the RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast, hosted by Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.

Episode No. 24: Jim Kalmenson
May 14 2020 • 14 min
Lotus Communications' properties include Rockers in Las Vegas and Boise, Idaho, and some of the nation's most unique multicultural properties, both serving the Los Angeles market. How did these stations move to cover the COVID-19 pandemic for its listeners in ways no other media outlet could? We find out in a fresh RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast.

Episode No. 23: Keith Pelletier
May 13 2020 • 10 min
Has the COVID-19 pandemic squelched or scrapped transition budgets devoted to NEXT GEN TV? We get the details from Dielectric's Keith Pelletier in this episode of the RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast, hosted by Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.

Episode No. 22: Adriana Waterston
May 12 2020 • 16 min
Some 27% consumers recently surveyed by Horowitz Research say they are watching more ads overall than before the pandemic. And, a third of respondents say they are paying attention to ads from local businesses more than they did before the COVID-19 crisis. How can broadcast TV stations capitalize on this? Horowitz SVP Adriana Waterston shares her thoughts.

Episode No. 21: Lou McDermott
May 11 2020 • 12 min
What's the current state of transactions, from his perspective? How are Kalil's brokers making up for the inability to meet with prospective buyers and sellers at the cancelled 2020 NAB Show in Las Vegas? Lou McDermott, the longtime Vice President at Tucson-based media brokerage Kalil & Co., answers these questions in more in the latest RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast.

Episode No. 20: Bill Christian
May 08 2020 • 15 min
In this RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast, Bill Christian, President/CEO of Vision Communications, shares how his station's news teams have adapted to working from home -- and how his Little Rock-based newshub acquired 11 months ago is fully producing local newscasts with all staff members working from home, even with broadband challenges.

Episode No. 19: Scott Schiller
May 07 2020 • 16 min
To get the latest insight into where broadcast TV's post-pandemic future path may go, Scott Schiller, the Global Chief Commercial Officer at global media and marketing services company ENGINE, participated in the latest RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast hosted by Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.

Episode No. 18: Michelle Vetterkind
May 06 2020 • 11 min
A small town AM started working with local farmers and creameries to donate unused milk normally served with school lunches. Local media is still hiring. These are some of the positive stories shared by Wisconsin Broadcasters Association's President/CEO in this latest podcast, hosted by RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.

Episode No. 17: David Donovan
May 05 2020 • 16 min
The State of New York has been impacted greater than any other U.S. state when it comes to the novel coronavirus. How have local radio and TV stations reacted through public service? How devastating have ad revenue drops been? Are small-town operators upstate in dire need of cash? We get the answers from New York State Broadcasters Association President and Executive Director David Donovan.

Episode No. 16: Bill Prescott
May 04 2020 • 16 min
Humboldt County, Calif., has always been a unique part of the Golden State. And, the local economy has long been fragile. With the COVID-19 pandemic, what has that meant for media companies serving communities here? RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson gets the answer in this Coronavirus INFOCUS Podcast with Lost Coast Communications GM Bill Prescott.

Episode No. 15: DuJuan McCoy
May 01 2020 • 14 min
Less than one year ago, Nexstar sold the CW Network and MyNetwork TV affiliates in Indianapolis to a 30-year veteran who previously owned TV stations in Evansville, Ind. Now, he's faced with the challenge of running the stations in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic. How is DuJuan McCoy's Circle City Broadcasting handling all of the challenges? We find out in this RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast hosted by Adam R Jacobson.

Episode 14: Gideon Stein - Write Label
Apr 30 2020 • 9 min
As businesses start to reopen following weeks of restrictions designed to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, the need to share with consumers that they're open again has led many to Radio. But, are stations ready to write and produce ad copy? If not, Write Label may have a good solution, as we learn in this latest RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast from CEO Gideon Stein.

Episode No. 13: Jeff Smulyan
Apr 29 2020 • 7 min
Through the newly formed Mediaco, Emmis Communications founder and CEO Jeff Smulyan continues to have top oversight of two of the nation's foremost radio stations superserving African American consumers. What has their role been through the COVID-19 pandemic? We find out in this new RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS Podcast hosted by Adam R Jacobson.

Episode No. 12: Erik Schrader - WOIO & WUAB
Apr 28 2020 • 11 min
Some 40% of Cleveland DMA homes don't have access to digital broadband access, according to officials with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. As such, offering online classes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is problematic.A Gray Television station came to the rescue, offering the 9am hour each weekday to the school district. Since April 20, teachers have been the local TV stars, with a virtual classroom beamed across Cleveland's home for The CW Network.

Episode 11: John Garziglia
Apr 27 2020 • 15 min
Has the FCC been negatively impacted by the novel coronavirus? For noted D.C. communications law attorney John Garziglia, of Womble Bond Dickinson, the answer is an emphatic "no." In this new podcast episode, Garziglia shares with RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson just how the FCC is moving right along with regulatory policy changes that impact Radio.

Episode 10: WSMV-4 in Nashville
Apr 24 2020 • 11 min
Just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the greater Nashville area, strong tornadoes impacted two neighborhoods just minutes away from the city's downtown core. Meredith NBC affiliate WSMV sprung into action. In this fresh RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast, News Director Mitch Jacob and VP/GM René LaSpina share how the news team quickly moved to deliver important news and information to viewers as the sales and adminstrative teams also adjusted how they handle their day-to-day duties.

Episode 9: Mike Fass - Gray Television
Apr 23 2020 • 7 min
Gray Television, through the use of technology, has allowed its operations to continue through remote operation. To fill us all in on the subject, we welcome the company’s VP of Broadcast Operations, Mike Fass, to the newest episode of the Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast

Episode 8: James Rose - KING/KONG
Apr 22 2020 • 8 min
Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, the Seattle-Tacoma area was a flashpoint for the coronavirus’ spread. How did KING-5 cover this, and what was the spark that really led to physical distancing, and best practices with the news team? RBR+TVBR got the answers in this latest podcast.

Episode 7: Eddie Esserman - Media Services Group
Apr 21 2020 • 9 min
Eddie Esserman planned on attending the 2020 NAB Show in Las Vegas this week. It was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How has this impacted the media broker and the entire transactions landscape? Esserman shares his thoughts in this exclusive RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFocus Podcast with Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.

Episode 6: Bob Heymann - Media Services Group
Apr 20 2020 • 12 min
Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 NAB Show in Las Vegas was cancelled. Did this put a chilling effect on potential dealmaking for broadcast media's biggest brokers? In this podcast, RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam Jacobson gets the answer from Bob Heymann, the Chicago-based Director for Media Services Group.

Episode 5: Carolyn Mungo — WFAA-8
Apr 17 2020 • 13 min
Imagine covering the COVID-19 pandemic in a territory where stay-at-home rules are based on the decisions of leaders overseeing 30 different counties -- all within the viewing area of one TV station. That's how TEGNA's WFAA-8 in Dallas has been serving its viewers, as we learn from VP/Station Manager Carolyn Mungo

Episode 4: Michael Valentine - WUSA9
Apr 16 2020 • 10 min
How can a local TV station weather the COVID-19 pandemic together with its audience, and local businesses that depend on foot traffic? Here's a lesson in how a broadcast media station can be an important business partner, courtesy of Michael Valentine, VP/Station Manager of TEGNA's flagship WUSA9 in Washington, D.C.

Episode 3: Hawaii News Now
Apr 15 2020 • 12 min
To learn how Hawaii News Now is serving a statewide audience in the best way possible while ensuring the safety of its own team, RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson spoke with Hawaii News Now GM Katie Pickman for an exclusive look inside KGMB-TV and KHNL-TV.

Episode 2: Tod Smith - WWL-TV in New Orleans
Apr 14 2020 • 11 min
Many love New Orleans, and the stories we’ve been hearing about the novel coronavirus’ high impact on Louisiana is devastating. How has this impacted TEGNA-owned WWL-TV, and its ability to deliver important news and information to its viewers?

Episode 1: Patrick McCreery
Apr 09 2020 • 15 min
The novel coronavirus has, since mid-March, enveloped America – and the world. Nevertheless, heroes who have risked their own health – and have made adjustments to how they do their work – are actively striving to provide consumers in local communities across America with the vital information they need. America’s broadcast media, television and radio, are to thank for the amazing efforts they have done to keep their stations on the air – and the news flowing.It is with this emphasis that we proudly present the RBR+TVBR Coronavirus InFOCUS podcast.

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