Rocky Mountain Mason

May 20 2020 4 23 mins

Masonic talk radio with the Rocky Mountain Mason.

RMM-Episode 008: Lies of Larmenius.
May 27 2020 • 26 min
Ben presents on the several reasons why the Larmenius Charter, purporting to relay an unbroken, secret transmission of Templar Grand Masters from Jaques Demolay to Cossé Brissac, Duke of Orleans, is believed by most credible experts to be a fake...

RMM-Episode 007: The Turk! The Awe-Inspiring Chess Playing Robot of Bro. Wolfgang von Kempelen
May 20 2020 • 24 min
In this episode, Ben Williams relays the story of one of history's most legendary and ingenious deceptions - Bro. Wolfgang von Kempelen's chess playing automaton. For more than a century, this ingenious illusion - perhaps the fist "cabinet illusion"...

RMM-Podcast Episode 006: On the Origin and Object of Freemasonry
May 13 2020 • 18 min
In this episode, Ben Williams presents on the emergence of religious syncretism during the high middle ages, a worldview that indubitably influenced the operative craft and, in turn, the framers of the degrees of Freemasonry.

RMM Podcast Episode 005: On the History and Origins of the Order of High Priesthood
May 06 2020 • 13 min
In this episode, Ben Williams presents on the enigmatic Order of Asiatic Brethren whose influence on "high grade masonry" includes the the emergence of the Order of Anointed High Priests, extant modernly for Past Presiding Officers of the Chapter only.

RMM-Podcast Episode 004: Interview with William Kiesel at Ouroboros Press
Apr 29 2020 • 55 min
In this episode, Ben Williams interviews William Kiesel, the wizard behind Ouroboros Press and Mortlake & Co. in Seattle, WA. Ouroboros Press produces some of the most collectable reproductions of rare, quintessential esoteric books. Among several...

RMM-Episode 003: The Horns of Hattin and the Fall of Jerusalem
Apr 22 2020 • 21 min
In this episode, drawing on chronicles from the Crusades, Ben Williams provides an historical account of the events surrounding the Battle of Hattin that led to the fall of Jerusalem in 1187.

RMM-Podcast Episode 002. Kabbalah and the Creation of the Worlds
Apr 15 2020 • 20 min
Ben Williams presents an introductory overview of the creation of the worlds from a kabbalistic perspective, citing Albert Pike extensively. The 4º of the AASR-SJ reminds us that, "a complete understanding of Freemasonry is impossible without some...

Episode - 001: On the Origin of the Knights Templar
Apr 08 2020 • 13 min
In our first podcast, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ben Williams relays a speech given as Northwest Department Commander to the Colorado North Encampment regarding potential origins of the Masonic Knights Templar.

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