This Old Witch Podcast

May 17 2020 2 93 mins

Ever wonder what happens when a country Witch crosses paths with a city Witch? We did too. This Old Witch Podcast brings two known Witches from two very different environments together to share their perspectives on Witchcraft, spirituality, and Magick. Will they agree on everything? probably not, but there is only one way to find out. This Old Witch Podcast is a bi-weekly organically open radio show that follows no script or planned focus. Join E. Massey (the country Witch), and Alexander Cabot (the city Witch) and the occasional special guest, as they come together via the magic of technology from their dissimilar locations to explore a new subject every episode. This Old Witch Podcast proves that no matter how different our surroundings and backgrounds are…. we can always find a common ground.Interested in Advertising on THIS OLD WITCH...With the potential of reaching over 25000 listeners world wide as move to live radio …... Check out these amazing packages to advertise on This Old Witch Podcast

Episode 3: We are LIVE & Jaded w/ Special Guest Laura Tempest Zakroff
May 17 2020 • 105 min
Despite audio issues E. Massey & Alexander Cabot sit down with the amazing & talented Laura Tempest Zakroff to discuss her connection with her art and spirituality. Learn about her new oracle deck and just chat about still living in other decades.

Episode 2: Traditional Witches, Aleister Crowley, and Bears...Oh My!
May 03 2020 • 94 min
In our second episode we touch on the Wiccan Rede and 3-fold law. Alexander shares some of his occult collectables and we learn more about E. Massey and what he hid under his mattress as a teenager.

Episode 1: Contain, Heal, Comfort and Conquer!
Apr 13 2020 • 80 min
Our first recorded episode finds its direction in learning about our host Rev. Alexander Cabot and being a city Witch in NYC, from studying under the Official Witch of Salem, Laurie Cabot to working with Lady Rhea, the Witch queen of NYC. We also discuss some possible future guests and what we are doing as “stay at home Witches”, dealing with anxiety and understanding the covid pandemic.

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