Worlds Best Rehab

May 25 2020 9 mins

Showcasing the Best Rehabs in the World. Handpicked and vetted on success rate, treatment modality, therapeutic environment, facilities, cost and value. These are The Worlds Best Rehabs. Delivering ultimate personalized treatment, with the goal of complete recovery.

Castle Craig Rehab Review (Podcast) * Cost, Complaints, Praise, Success, Know Before You Go to Castle Craig Hospital
May 25 2020 • 9 min
Castle Craig Hospital has a total of 120 beds on campus where guests share triple rooms for both sexes. There is an extended nursing area with over 100 full-time carers and a long-term care facility with extended nursing facilities. Built over 200 years ago, the castle is surrounded by lush greenery, including trees and manicured gardens.

Compulsive Exercise & Eating Disorders with Ali Silver
May 06 2020 • 16 min
There is very little enjoyment in exercise for those with this addiction: the enjoyment comes from the perceived control it gives them and the ‘high’ – much like bulimic behaviors in eating disorders as well as other addictions.”

The Cabin Thailand Rehab Review (Podcast) * All You Need to Know About The Cabin Rehab in Thailand
May 03 2020 • 8 min
Although the rehab has 120 beds, guests enjoy access to a variety of amenities including a swimming pool, spa, sports hall, pool house, gym and spa. The Chiang Mai lodge offers delicious cuisine and guests enjoy three healthy meals a day at the five-star restaurant. In the hut, guests can enjoy up to three healthier meals a day in the hotel's 3-star restaurant.

Addcounsel Rehab in London Review (Podcast) * Can They Be Trusted? All Info on Addcounsel London
May 03 2020 • 8 min
Situated in London, Addcounsel is a five-star rehab center featuring a four-stage recovery plan. Addcounsel provides treatment for individuals 16-years-old and up. What makes Addcounsel such a highly sought-after rehab center, other than its amazing five-star amenities and fantastic location, is it only admits one client at a time.

The Dawn Thailand Rehab Review (Podcast) * All The Info on The Dawn Treatment Center in Chiang Mai
May 03 2020 • 8 min
The Dawn is one of the world's leading treatment centers for addiction, mental health and substance abuse. It provides evidence based treatment techniques for people struggling with addiction.

The Meadows of Wickenburg Rehab Review (Podcast). Know Before You Go to The Meadows Rehab
Apr 17 2020 • 12 min
The Meadows has a long history of treating patients. Celebrities and well-known individuals have sought out its expert staff to help treat their addictions. For over 40 years, the Meadows has been treating clients and its longevity in the addiction industry proves it is one of the best rehab centers available.

Crossroads Antigua Rehab Review (Podcast). All You Need to Know about Crossroads Recovery in Antigua
Apr 16 2020 • 7 min
Crossroads is based on a 12-step treatment program. While many luxury rehab centers have moved away from traditional 12-step treatment programs, Crossroads has continued to use it to provide healing for individuals seeking solace.

All Points North Rehab Review (Podcast). Executive Summary of All Points North Rehab
Apr 15 2020 • 9 min
According to All Points North, the luxury rehab center is rewriting the rules on recovery programs. Guests can expect to receive comprehensive treatment by a world-class team of medical professionals, mental health clinicians, nutritionists, and fitness trainers.

Newport Academy Teenage Rehab Review (Podcast). All You Need to Know About Newport Academy Rehab
Apr 15 2020 • 10 min
Offering clients the chance to become clean and sober is just part of Newport Academy’s appeal. Residents are able to gain high school credits and prepare for college through classes at the five-star center.

The Banyans Rehab Review (Podcast) What You Need To Know About The Banyans Rehab in Brisbane, Queensland
Apr 15 2020 • 9 min
The Banyans Rehab in Brisbane QLD, Is It Worth The Money or Not? 12-Step Rehab in Australia All treatments are personalized and each client is treated differently than the other guests on-site. The Banyans ensures there is no one plan to fit all the addictions and mental health issues of its clients. A family-like atmosphere is created thanks to the center’s small community of guests and dedicated staff.

The Edge Rehab Review (Podcast). All You Need to Know about the Edge Rehab in Thailand
Apr 05 2020 • 8 min
The Edge Rehab The rehab center is situated in the beautiful northern Thailand city of Chiang Mai. The ancient city is located in the mountains and it is the landscape that plays a major role in the activities used at The Edge Rehab

Yes We Can Youth Clinics Review (Podcast). Detailed Review and Summary of Yes We Can Clinics
Apr 05 2020 • 9 min
Detailed Yes We Can Youth Clinics Review (Podcast). Is Yes We Can Youth Clinic Legit and Can They Be Trusted? All the Info on Yes We Can Youth Clinics

Prive Swiss Review (Podcast) Cost, Complaints, Treatment Success & Praise. Full Detailed Review of Prive Swiss Wellness
Apr 04 2020 • 6 min
The cost of Privé-Swiss is very reasonable for the level of treatment, facilities and service. The uber-luxurious rehab facility charges between $88,000 and $120,000 for a 30-day stay.

The Dunes Rehab East Hampton NY, Are They Any Good or Not? The Dunes East Hamptons Cost, Complaints, Treatment, Praise & Success. Detailed Rehab Review (Podcast)
Apr 02 2020 • 10 min
Located in East Hampton, New York, The Dunes was designed to end the images so many individuals have of rehab. Its location amongst green trees and with clean crisp air is a world away from the jail-like rehab centers offering 12-step programs to clients.

Seasons in Malibu Rehab Review (Podcast). Detailed Review and Summary of Seasons Malibu Rehab
Apr 01 2020 • 9 min
Seasons in Malibu is one of the most famous luxury rehabilitation centers in the entire world. It has been home to the rich and famous over the years as they combat their addiction issues.

Noosa Confidential Rehab Review (Podcast) Cost, Complaints, Treatment Success & Praise. Full Detailed Review of Noosa Confidential
Mar 31 2020 • 9 min
Is Noosa Confidential Rehab any good? Can they be trusted to deliver lasting recovery or are they all about getting hold of the cash. Is Noosa Confidential on Worlds Best Rehab Magazine? Full Facts.

Cirque Lodge Rehab Review (Podcast) - Complaints, Cost, Treatment, Praise of Cirque Lodge Rehab in Utah
Mar 26 2020 • 9 min
Cirque Lodge Rehab Review (Podcast) - All you need to know about Cirque Lodge Rehab incliding Cost, Complaints, Treatment, Success and Praise. Find out if Cirque Lodge is a Legit Rehab before you make the decision to attend. Check if Cirque Lodge is featured on Worlds Best Rehabs

Most Expensive Rehab in the World - Physis Recovery® is the first $1million-plus rehab experience
Mar 19 2020 • 5 min
The Most Expensive Rehab Clinic in the World is Physis Recovery. A Rehab for the Super Rich, and has been conceptualized and created by individuals from this environment. The Physis team are ideally placed to understand and anticipate the unique requirements of UHNW Individuals, their families, and those whose lives are subject to intense media scrutiny.

Cottonwood Tucson Rehab Review (Podcast) - Is Cottonwood Tucson Legit?
Mar 18 2020 • 17 min
Cottonwood Tucson Rehab Review (Podcast) - Is Cottonwood Tucson a Legit Rehab? Check Compliants, Praise, Treatmjent & Success. Is Cottonwood Recovery in Worlds Best Rehab Magazine

Seasons in Malibu Rehab Review (Podcast). Detailed Review and Summary of Seasons Malibu Rehab
Mar 02 2020 • 9 min
Seasons in Malibu Rehab Review (Podcast). All You Need to Know About Seasons in Malibu including Cost, Complaints, Praise & Success

Paracelsus Recovery Luxury Rehab Review (Podcast). Is Paracelsus Recovery Rehab Still Relevant?
Feb 28 2020 • 10 min
Paracelsus Recovery, Check the Facts. Is Paracelsus Recovery Worth It or No Longer Relevant. Complaints, Costs, Praise, Success. Get The Facts

Art Therapy for Addiction Treatment (Podcast). Should You Trust Art Therapy in Addiction or Not
Feb 28 2020 • 7 min
All you need to Know About Art Therapy for Addiction Treatment & how it can help create lasting recovery.

Clinic Les Alpes Rehab Review (Podcast). All You Need to Know About Les Alpes Clinic
Feb 27 2020 • 11 min
Clinic Les Alpes Rehab Review (Podcast). All You Need to Know About Les Alpes Clinic including Cost, Complaints, Praise & Success

What it Takes to Be The Worlds Best Rehab Clinic (Podcast)
Feb 18 2020 • 7 min
What it Takes to Be The Worlds Best Rehab Clinic

Does Psychoeducation in Adiction Treatment Actually Work (Podcast)
Feb 18 2020 • 9 min
Psychoeducation in Addiction Recovery. Does Psychoeducation Actually Work or is it just Psychobabble? How Can Learning About Addiction Help Long Term Recovery?

Music Therapy for Addiction Treatment (Podcast)
Feb 18 2020 • 9 min
Does Music Therapy Work for Addictions or is it just another Rehab Marketing Ploy to fill a clients time when not in actual therapy.

The Balance Luxury Rehab Review (Podcast) Is The Balance Rehab Any Good?
Feb 13 2020 • 10 min
The Balance Luxury Rehab Review (Podcast). Complaints, Costs, Facilities, Priase, Success. All the Info on The Balance Luxury Rehab.

Rosglas Recovery Complainats and Reviews. Praise, Success & all the Info on Rosglas Recovery Rehab (Podcast)
Feb 11 2020 • 10 min
One of the RosGlas Recovery team members is a doctor and nutritionist who consults with clients and their chefs about developing meals and snacks that promote their health and wellbeing. Most clients have up to eight hours of treatment daily, as long as it is considered necessary and each treatment plan is tailored to the client's individual needs. RosGlas' broad multidisciplinary treatment team includes general practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, eating disorders specialists and nutritionists.

What is Biochemical Restoration (Podcast)
Feb 11 2020 • 9 min
Lab tests can uncover issues like imbalances of amino acids, nutritional deficiencies, hypoglycemia, inflammation, adrenal fatigue, gut health, hormonal levels and neurotransmitters, while checking for heavy metals and toxicities.

What is Dual Diagnosis (Podcast)
Feb 11 2020 • 9 min
Dual diagnosis treatment is a relatively new innovation in the area of ​​addiction recovery.Until the 1990s, people who experienced symptoms of a mental disorder - anxiety, depressive episodes, delusions, or mood swings - were treated separately from...

What is Equine Therapy in Addiction Treatment (Podcast)
Feb 10 2020 • 6 min
Horse therapy (also known as equine therapy, horse-assisted therapy and horse-assisted psychotherapy) is a form of experimental therapy that involves interactions between patients and horses. Equine Therapy includes activities (such as grooming,...

Calda Clinic Review. Is Calda Clinic Legit or a Scam? (Podcast)
Feb 07 2020 • 9 min
Calda Clinic Rehab Review Podcast. The core of the CALDA concept is the diagnostic systems and the interpretation of the results that influence the treatment strategies using integrative medicine. During admission, clients are subjected to a comprehensive assessment that includes personal and social stories, dependencies, and a history of family health.In addition, clinicians conduct an orthomolecular examination that includes food intolerance, a stress profile, hair analysis, and nutritional and chemical tests. There is also an internal examination with an EKG sonography.

Passages Malibu Rehab Review. Get The Inside Track on Passages Malibu. Complaints, Cost, Praise, Success (Podcast)
Feb 06 2020 • 10 min
Passages Malibu offers a variety of individual alcohol detoxification options and adjusts the patient's detoxification program according to the severity of the case. At certain points in the recovery process, it is important to have 24/7 support, and 24-hour clinical support provides a safe environment in which you can calmly recover from drug or alcohol addiction and know that medical detoxification and other treatments are only performed by professionals.

The Bridge Marbella Rehab Review (Podcast)
Jan 31 2020 • 10 min
The Bridge Marbella Rehab Review

Kusnacht Practice Review (Podcast)
Jan 31 2020 • 13 min
Kusnacht Practice Review Podcast. Kusnacht Practice Complaints, Treatment, Costs, Praise and Sucess Reviewed in Detail by Worlds Best Rehab

White River Manor Review (Podcast)
Jan 30 2020 • 8 min
Professional Podcast Review of White River Manor Rehab in South Africa

Resort 12 Rehab in Thailand, Complaints, Info, Costs, Praise and Success. All the info you need on Resort 12 Rehab (Podcast)
Jan 29 2020 • 11 min
Resort 12 Rehab Review

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