Grose Misconduct

May 28 2020 9 42 mins

Edmonton comedian and former radio talk show host Andrew Grose and his wife Carole discuss slice of life topics and share personal stories. Regular segments include answers to listener questions, "The Big Blue Folder" of odd news stories and studies, "How Smart is Carole?", Dick of the Week" and opinion with "What Does Kevin Think?". Bonus episodes have Andrew's kids as guest co-hosts and all episodes are light, fun, and entertaining. This podcast is weekly with weekly bonus episodes.

Michael Peterson Is A Scammer
May 28 2020 • 60 min
In this episode Andrew wins 8.5 million dollars and a 10 year old car from Jamaica Wins International, Carole and Andrew answer all your listener questions, we meet another Karen, Carole gets a Supreme Court question in "How Smart is Carole?", we check...

Bonus: Hunter & The Big Blue Folder
May 21 2020 • 32 min
In this bonus episode Hunter joins Andrew for a peak in the "Big Blue Folder" and Hunter pitches his father on another brilliant business idea. (Or 2)

Viva Las Vegas!
May 21 2020 • 72 min
By request, Andrew and Carole give tips and suggestions for getting the most out of a Las Vegas trip and tell a few Vegas stories, plus they learn why Alberta doctors and pharmacists are mad at the Health Minister, take another look at the line-up for...

Bonus: Getting to Know Madi (and Her 3 Greatest Stories) Part 1
May 14 2020 • 29 min
In this bonus episode we learn Andrew's co-host (and daughter) Madi believes she only has 3 interesting stories about herself that she likes to tell people and we hear the first one.

Bonus: Getting to Know Madi (and Her 3 Greatest Stories) Part 2
May 14 2020 • 31 min
In the 2nd part of this 2 part bonus episode, Andrew's co-host (and daughter) Madi tells the other 2 stories which make up her "3 Greatest Stories". They definitely constitute the best and worst things that can happen to a young lady... or anyone for...

Socially Distant Podcasting
May 14 2020 • 63 min
In this episode Andrew & Carole answer more of your questions, visit an Edmonton trailer park, tell "The Nail Gun Story", expose several dicks, give Kevin his say, talk about creepy men and suspicious neighbours, debut a new reality television,...

Bonus: Getting to Know Hunter (and His Garden) Part 2
May 08 2020 • 32 min
In this bonus episode Andrew is once again joined by his son Hunter to discuss how his university experience ended, what the university decided to do about grades and a convocation ceremony in light of a global pandemic and Hunter pitches another...

Bonus: Getting to Know Hunter (and His Garden) Part 1
May 08 2020 • 32 min
In this episode Andrew's co-host is his son Hunter who talks about the mysterious postcard he received from the royal family, his citizenship in Sealand, his trip to England, his passion for gardening and his million dollar business idea.

Shits and Giggles and the F Word
May 07 2020 • 62 min
In this episode we’ll answer listener questions, tell a few road stories, talk Virtual comedy, murder hornets, going out over the weekend, check in with RVR2, pick a Dick of the Week, find out What Kevin’s Thinking and How Smart Carole is and we’ll take...

Bonus: Anatomy of a Millennial
Apr 30 2020 • 30 min
This bonus episode features Andrew's daughter Madi as his co-host breaking down the vocabulary, looking at social media, dating and bridging the social awareness gap between Boomers and Millennials.

Something Old, Something New & Something Blue
Apr 30 2020 • 60 min
Hosted by Andrew and Carole, this episode has answers to listeners questions from last week, new segments including "Dick of the Week", "What Does Kevin Think?" and "How Smart is Carole?", Andrew goes on a rant about CNN vs. Fox and the pair take...

So, What Happened?
Apr 24 2020 • 44 min
Andrew is joined by this week's guest co-host and discusses his departure from radio as well as taking a look at what they've been doing at night, social distancing, hilarious commercials, what's in this week's "Big Blue Folder" and people who complain...

The Trailer
Apr 22 2020 • 2 min
It's almost time to launch but one thing is still missing: a co-host.

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