Exploring Food Allergy Families

May 19 2020 1 17 mins

Hosted by a licensed therapist, Exploring Food Allergy Families is a podcast with real talk, relatable conversations, and practical advice focused on navigating the impacts that food allergies have on families, mental health, and emotional well-being. Subscribe now so you don't miss any episodes! (www.FoodAllergyFamilies.com. Music by Scott Holmes.)

Navigating Telemedicine & Office Allergy Appointments During COVID-19 (Guest: Dr. Dave Stukus)
May 19 2020 • 23 min
How do telemedicine allergy appointments really work? In this episode, Dr. Dave Stukus and I chat about telemedicine and in-person appointments during this pandemic. We will explore: What to expect & how to prepare for telemedicine...

From Doubt to Confidence: Exploring Vulnerability & Food Allergies
May 10 2020 • 15 min
In this episode, we'll explore vulnerability while managing allergies, and review 5 steps to help you move from doubt to confidence.

Exploring Food Allergy Dad Experiences
May 04 2020 • 25 min
Ever wondered how dads feel about parenting a child with a food allergy? In this episode, we'll explore the results from the Food Allergy Dad Experience survey. Learn what dads say is the hardest part about food allergy parenting, how it impacts their...

Preview Episode and Introduction
Apr 24 2020 • 3 min
Join licensed therapist, Tamara Hubbard, as she shares a preview of what the Exploring Food Allergy Families podcast is all about. The first episode launches soon, so subscribe to receive updates!

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