HPHN's Skill Development Podcast

May 17 2020 35 mins

Andrew Jantke of the High-Performance Hoops Network is piloting a new podcast on skill development. This podcast pilot will be a 3 part series cohosted with skill development coach Gabriel Saldavia form Lab46. These podcasts are designed to help athletes in their skill development. Be it with skill development coaches or in their own workouts, help parents support their athletes, and provide ideas for skill development coaches out there to enhance their own service offerings. Ultimately we want to improve the game!! From there we will look at doing more depending on audience interest and feedback.

Ep2. Skill development training; access to facilities, motivating young athletes, equipment and aids you can use
May 17 2020 • 46 min
Thanks to the 100s of people that listened to episode one.In our second episode of our three-episode pilot, Coach Gabriel Saldavia of Lab46 joins Coach Janx of High-Performance Hoops Network to discuss:- When and where can I work out? (how to access...

Ep1. Intro to skill development training
Apr 30 2020 • 24 min
In our first of our three-episode pilot, Gabriel Saldavia of Lab46 joins us to discuss an introduction to skill development training. This episode will help lay the groundwork for the next 3 as Gab and Janx discuss things such as why should athletes do...

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