The Art of Modern Ops

May 18 2020 1 34 mins

Welcome to the Art of Modern Ops - a podcast series on modernizing cloud infrastructure; hosted by Cornelia Davis, Weaveworks CTO, and author of the book Cloud Native Patterns. Through a series of interviews with both visionaries and practitioners, she discusses hands-on use cases with those who have completed the digital transformation and others still in transition.

Carving out a Cloud Native Culture in Established Organizations with Cornelia Davis, Weaveworks & Chris Short, Redhat
May 18 2020 • 38 min
It’s been said that the process of building software is as much about people as it is about writing the code. According to a recent survey conducted by the CNCF, 43% of respondents indicated that cultural changes were a top challenge.

Is Kubernetes Ready for Specialization? with Cornelia Davis, Weaveworks & Cody Hill, Packet
May 07 2020 • 33 min
Kubernetes is often selected by organizations to meet specific requirements that can give businesses a competitive advantage. Requirements may include features involving machine learning to make real-time recommendations, to perform ‘intelligent...

Navigating the Kubernetes Hype Cycle with Cornelia Davis, Weaveworks & Liz Rice, Aqua Security
Apr 23 2020 • 31 min
Anyone who looks at the growth of Kubecon CloudNativeCon attendance over the past four years can recognize that Kubernetes is more than a passing fad. Instead, Kubernetes represents the way forward for companies to scale, go faster and be more...

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