Stand By Me Delaware

May 26 2020 18 mins

The Stand By Me Delaware podcast series is an engaging way to bring information and assistance on financial topics to Delawareans. Topic include: sessions about Covid-19 financial aid resources; informational sessions about financial topics (budgeting, saving for a home, debt management, etc.); profiles of implementation partners, and the work they’re doing in the community and their businesses; profiles of Stand By Me customers (success stories/testimonials); interviews with Stand By Me staff about how this program fits in the greater picture of United Way of Delaware and The State of Delaware's work around financial education.Stand By Me® provides Delawareans with a Personal Financial Coach and a toolkit to navigate the challenges leading to personal financial security. The Delaware Financial Empowerment Partnership (DFEP) is a joint venture of the State of Delaware and the United Way of Delaware working together to combine resources and to create and implement an innovative package of financial empowerment services. We are joined by a coalition of non-profit organizations, corporations, foundations and educational institutions.

Season 1 / Ep. 3 (May 26, 2020) - Stand By Me's Importance to The State of Delaware
May 26 2020 • 17 min
Stand By Me is a unique Public / Private Partnership between The United Way of Delaware and The State of Delaware. This episode discusses how Stand by Me fits into the larger picture of United Way of Delaware's mission, the nature and benefit of the partnership with the State of Delaware, the tangible impacts of the program, and how Stand By Me is positioned to help the community during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

Season 1 / Ep. 2 (May 12, 2020) - Stand By Me Negocios (en Español)
May 15 2020 • 15 min
Stand By Me Negocios: información sobre el programa Stand By Me® Negocios: qué ofrece, qué recursos están disponibles, cómo acceder a los beneficios asociados con el programa. Incluye información sobrelos recientes programas de préstamos de SBA debido a...

Season 1 / Ep. 2 (May 12, 2020) - Stand By Me Negocios
May 12 2020 • 16 min
Information about the Stand By Me® Negocios program - what it offers, what resources are available, how to access benefits associated with the program.

Season 1 / Ep. 1 (May 4, 2020) - Managing your money during COVID-19
May 04 2020 • 24 min
Managing your money during COVID-19: Money tips during the pandemic, including what to do if your income is cut, building a budget, managing debt, tax considerations, etc. Featuring a discussion with Karen Summa and Jude Liskiewicz with the Stand By Me®...

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