ClimbSci - Better Climbing Through Science

Feb 29 2020 368 119 mins

ClimbSci is an evidence-based webcast covering scientific topics related to climbing and climbers, notably nutrition, training, recovery, and performance. Hosted by Brian Rigby (Climbing Nutrition), and Tom Herbert (usefulcoach).

Episode 12 - Q&A - 02
Feb 29 2020 • 224 min
A year since our last show, we decided to get together to answer a few questions... for nearly 4 hours.In true ClimbSci professionalism and polish, we aren't releasing this in two parts. So sit back, keep your eyes on the road (or whatever else you are doing) and enjoy the near endless rambling of Brian Rigby and Tom Herbert.If you have any questions you would like answered: [email protected]

Episode 11 - Fat Loss
Mar 05 2019 • 129 min
A discussion on how to setup a diet and considerations for fat loss for climbers.

Episode 10.1 - Additional Comments
Dec 22 2018 • 22 min
Additional comments to the previous Episode 10 - Climbing Nutrition Priorities. Specifically addressing healthy body fat percentages for women.

Episode 10 - Climbing Nutrition Priorities
Dec 13 2018 • 129 min
A discussion on how to structure your climbing nutrition practice to achieve the best outcome.

Episode 09 - The Ketogenic Diet
Oct 18 2018 • 133 min
Discussing the ketogenic diet. Heavy on the background biochemistry, and discussing performance pros and cons for climbers.Show note:

Episode 08 - Q&A - 01
Aug 24 2018 • 135 min
In our first listener Q&A episode we answer listener questions on:How long is the protein intake window for muscle protein synthesis, and are high protein diets dangerous?Can training your legs influence the conditioning of your arms, and is consuming collagen beneficial?What is better, frequent short sessions or longer more exhausting sessions?Is metabolic damage after dieting a reality, and what do we eat as nutritionists on a weekly basis.What are adaptogens, and can ashwagandha improve performance?Are high dose antioxidants harmful?---For show notes and references:

Episode 07 - Recovery - 02
Jun 29 2018 • 125 min
Part two of a multi-part discussion on recovery.

Episode 06 - Recovery - 01
May 25 2018 • 90 min
Part one of a multi-part discussion on recovery.

Episode 05 - Supplements
May 04 2018 • 125 min
Discussing the most useful supplements for climbers.

Episode 04 - Cardio
Apr 06 2018 • 86 min
Discussing cardio requirements for climbers.

Episode 03 - Fat
Dec 06 2017 • 105 min
Discussing the science of fat requirements for climbers.

Episode 02 - Carbohydrate
Jun 22 2017 • 132 min
Discussing the science of carbohydrate requirements for climbers. Why dietary carbohydrate is essential for optimising training, performance, and recovery.

Episode 01 - Protein
Mar 30 2017 • 108 min
Discussing the science of protein requirements for climbers. Optimising meals, timing, training support, supplementation, and more. Show notes:

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